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For Their Kids On The Spectrum

Dana Latter 

Holistic approach is the most effective approach.

Therapists and those that specialize in learning difficulties will often tell you that their treatment is the solution to all your problems.

This is often because they specialize in the niche, they are the authority in their field but often have very little visibility and knowledge on other methods and therapies options and possibilities you didn’t explore. Even the most genuine therapists will not be able to recommend and comment on other treatments as they are not familiar with the details the effectiveness and the suitability of such a treatment.

I have been there and done the research so you don’t have to, I spent days and nights to discover and explore all options to help my boys overcome their difficulties.

If parenting became a constant power struggle with your kids there is a different way to a calming and loving home. Parenting doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.   

If you are feeling overwhelmed and tired being a parent you need to ask yourself “what can I change” I can help you as I have the both the knowledge the experience and the tools to help you with your own journey.

My coaching is not like any other parenting coaching as it focuses on the typical issues related to children on the autistic spectrum with their specific struggles and behaviors.

I help parents who want to stop the yelling, fighting, arguing, threatening and connect them back to the very basics feelings.

Let me help you with your journey to reconnect with your child.

Being a parent to a child on the autistic spectrum brings a lot of challenges to young parents, there are so many treatments and strategies to help and support your child. Let me be your guide.

When I started my journey I was upset clueless and frustrated. I didn’t want to accept it at first and pretended all is good,        Once I started to read  relevant books in the field and research the possible ways to make a change I started to see results

I have been there and done the research so you don’t have to, I spent days and nights to discover and explore all options to help my boys overcome their difficulties to pave the way for others parents struggling with similar problems I came across.

I encourage you to learn about me and the ways I can assist and support you in your sensory journey.  I can personally guide you to overcome the hurdles to a more loving, fun, and meaningful family life.

Dana Latter

Discovery call

Lets get on the call where I could help you out and find if there is a good fit.

The Family Formula

Intensive 3 one to one sessions with me where I help you to help your child overcome sensory and behavioral challenges.

Flexible program 

This is a set of sessions agreed with you to help you deal with specific challenges. 

About My Journey

Over the last  15 years I have pave my way through hard work and constant challenges researching and implementing my way.

I set myself a goal to support advise and empower parents that changes are possible.

I have been exposed to the best treatments and therapies in my journey which gives me a clear advantage over ‘old school therapists or consultants that focus on their own domain.

I teach parents proven strategies to improve behavior and help their children thrive in a peaceful home.

I’m a life coach and Certified Sensory Integration Specialist.
My desire is to guide you towards a balanced life that brings you both balance and peace of mind.

I’m a fully qualified teacher with 20 years experience specializing in Autism ADHD and sensory integration activities for children          of all ages.

I have helped parents of children on the autistic spectrum (ASD) overcome difficulties they could never imagine possible.  
I can help you too.

Let Me Show you How To Stop The Power Struggle,

Calm The Chaos and Re-connect With Your Child

I  Can Help Your Kid

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