Braintap benefits

Braintap benefits

I came across BrainTap after talking to Dr Jeri Lavigne who introduced me to this wonderful tool that trains the brain to be in the Theta waves in order to promote the healing process and recharge our brain.

Exercising is great for our mental health, most people focus on physical exercise but don’t pay enough attention to our brain health .

Mums of children on the Spectrum in particular are in constant stress and forget to take good care of themselves as there is always something else happening.

Their mental health is as important as their children’s. We moms have to be strong mentally and physically in order to help our children.

What is Braintapping ?  

Braintapping is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize by simply optimizing your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere. Backed by neuroscience and research, braintapping’s guided meditation is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges.

While listening to Dr. Porter’s guided short meditations and using the headphones which uses light therapy  . 

 The different light frequencies guides the listener  through the different brain waves.  

Many Autistic kids lack the alpha wave which important for the speech, so by learning to meditate we are creating a more balanced  brain . 

Dr. Patrick Porter is a brain researcher and the inventor of BrainTap.

He currently offers 15 days free trial following the link

** Also if you are a parent of a child on the spectrum please contact to get the ‘Autism Package’ for free. **



BrainTap – Wonderful Tool To Train Our Brain

7 ways to use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro

7 ways to use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro

What is the Rezzimax Tuner PRO

Not all vibration devices are created in the same way as they don’t all create the resonance that your brain needs in order to heal.
Some operate like an electric toothbrush, they only vibrate and make some noise.

The Rezzimax tuner Pro has been programmed with different frequencies. Each frequency designed to send a different message to the brain.

We have been using it for the last year and have noticed amazing changes with our boys : better speech and articulation, improved hand-writing , better emotional regulation and improved comprehension.

How can you use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro?

You can use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro in a variety of ways and as my audience is mainly interested in sensory integration , learning difficulties and autism related theraphy I focus my attention on ways to help these kids but there can be many other ways to use the Rezzimax Tuner Pro.

1.Gut issues – The tuner wakes up the GI system by activating the vagus nerve it can help with tummy issues and constipation.

2.Helps integrate primitive reflexes faster : Primitive reflexes are a barrier to normal development and as a result many of the kids on the Spectrum struggle with a variety of issues such as bed wetting, focus, concentration, behavioral issues, sleep, eating and many more.
For example:
By integrating palmer reflex we can see improved hand writing and better ball skills.
By integrating the Spinal Galant reflex we can treat bed wetting.

3.Improved speech : Improved speech can be done by various ways :
Integrating the rooting reflex with the Rezzimax Tuner Pro.
Activating facial muscles with the tuner.

4. Migraine relief – by placing the Rezzimax on an acupuncture point above the eyebrow or by placing it on the head going back and forth.

5. Help to build up stronger core – having a strong core is vital . There is a strong correlation between strong core and a healthy brain. One way to activate the core muscles is to strap the Rezzimax on the stomach while doing sit-ups.

6. Helps relax tight muscles – When it comes to tight muscles and pain the tuner is your friend. use it on the sore muscles directly singing or humming at the same time can help our body to sync in with the tuner even faster.

7.Helps with Emotional regulation – Knowing how to facilitate emotional regulation is an important skill to have for parents of kids on the spectrum .
There are many ways we can help kids dealing with anxiety such as:
breathing, yoga and meditation.
By using the Rezzimax we activate the vagus nerve that activates our parasympathetic system and helps us be in a relaxed state and avoid the ‘fight or flight’ state that leads to further anxiety and distress.

Here is a short video to show how can the Rezzimax Tuner Pro can be used in the mouth to help with speech and articulation.

And yet, this is an amazing device that can help in so many ways.

Share with me in the comments the way you are using it and how does it help you in your daily activities.

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Squegg for better hand writing.

Squegg for better hand writing.

Squegg is a lovely device that comes in 2 colors coral  or Mint. It is a squeeze ball that looks like an egg and is connected to  an application on your phone through blue-tooth . 

Once you squeeze it:

  1. It checks your grip strength
  2. Every time you squeeze the data is recorded.

Squegg is both for adults and children .   It can be used as a therapeutic tool or just as a fun activity to strengthen the grip .  Nowadays with a generation of kids who play with ipad, phones and xbox they often lack the grip that is needed for hand writing  .  Grip strength is a representation of our health. 

Children can benefit from it in many ways : hand writing , concentration, focus , music lessons , tennis and  anxiety.

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My Interview with the developers of Squegg

Peaceful Parenting

A family member told me recently:  “I would rather read the Metro than reading your book”

The  first day I cried,  the second day I reflected and the third I laughed so loud thinking who cares… 

Is your parenting criticized by friends and family ?

How do you cope with constant looks from neighbors when your child has a meltdown?

What do you say to your family members when they tell you to be tougher with your kids?

How do you negotiate effectively with your child?


You probably heard similar sentences  before…..

‘One slap and you will teach him a lesson’

If you were my child I would give you for adoption’

‘Why don’t you just ignore him and let him come back to his senses.’


You are the parent, you know your child best  and NO this is not going to work because violence doesn’t get resolved with more violence and punishment will just send the wrong message and will alienate you from your child.

Empathy and reflection when done calmly might go against your instant instincts or against the way you were brought up as a child but I believe this is the way to go.

As a parent your ‘job’  is to help listen and emphasize with your child’s frustration, reflect and let your child understand how to correct his or her behavior in a peaceful manner

As a result your child understands that you understand their frustration and their feelings and that you will do so in the future with unconditioned love and support when your child needs you the most.

Listen to my podcast with Dr. Laura Markham

Your initial respond to a shrinking scream would be to shout back at your child or raise your voice,  it isn’t  natural for a parent to think about calming and soothing your child first when your child is aggressive towards you however.  it is an opportunity to get closer to your child and understand that the behavior is a reflection of their feelings and their build up frustration.

Sometimes is the lack of words to express themselves or the ability to moderate and calm down, then breathing is the key to regulate your child.

There is always a trigger, a child doesn’t just ‘go mad’ out of the blue- Go and find out why and don’t ignore the child feelings, time in this case will not solve it.

By reflecting and having a discussion about your child feelings we understand the child and strengthen the relationship for years to come.


The strength is within you to find the right balance and build the relationship with your children the way you want it to be.

Parents of ‘differently wired children’ get often misjudged or criticized by other parents who don’t understand your parenting style or your actions.

Listen to your inner voice to guide you in your relationship with your children and  base it on empathy unconditional love rather than violence  punishments and bribe.

I told my brother that it is entirely his choice to read the Metro. many parents (including those who needs it the most) will not try  it but those who who will follow peaceful parenting principles are promised to see results.


5 tips to help with Sensory Processing difficulties

5 tips to help with Sensory Processing difficulties



 When it comes to sensory challenges there are few ideas that help parents to understand their child better and engage in a fun activity that let the child express their feeling and feel in control of the situation.

Here are some ideas from my latest chat with Lindsey Biel,   

  1. Tactile – de-sensitization : play dough and give the child a cookie cutter , any tool and slowly introduce the touch feeling, Or when using finger paint use a glove , brush and work towards sense of control.
  2. Auditory : use sound reducing ear-muffs which should be available for the difficult noisy experiences.                          In addition implement therapeutic listening -an approach that recognizes that listening goes well beyond the ears and is a function of the brain .
  3. Smell – throw out the house hold garbage on a daily basis.
  4. Vestibular system : Make sure to create opportunities to move at times that are appropriate , like jumping on the trampoline 20 minutes prior to dinner ,so that at dinner time the child won’t have the need to jump around.
  5. proprioceptive input : Have your child help you take out the washing from the washing machine or push the grocery cart at the shop.

Listen to my chat with Lindsey Biel to learn more 

What is therapeutic listening ?

What is therapeutic listening ?

Therapeutic listening is an approach that recognises that listening goes well beyond the ears and is a function of the brain .

The way we listen affects the way we behave , and so to that end therapeutic listening uses sound training together with sensory integrative techniques that don’t just stimulate the auditory system but also help rewire those parts of the brain that enable us to hear . What’s more it can help people who exhibit a myriad of behaviour types .

Therapeutic listening uses electronically modified music with rhythmic sound patterns in order to stimulate and trigger the self organising capacities of the nervous system , and as such , a person’s progression through the program will depend on how they respond at any particular point  . In other words , its adapted to a person’s specific needs.    We did the home based program and did it twice a day  while doing a floor time activity or while doing a physical activity . Our experience with therapeutic listening  showed improvements in many areas  such as : *better hand-eye coordination which resulted in better hand writing , better coordinated movements , better concentration , less anxiety as well as better articulation .

I am a certified therapeutic listening practitioner and recommend you use the Vital Link website to find a practitioner in your area  .


Primitive Reflexes...


90% of the children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and other behavioural disorders have them 

Would you like to learn how to spot the signs and help your child integrate them?

Thank you for your interest