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Me In a Nutshell

Holistic approach is the most effective approach

Therapists and those that specialize in learning difficulties will often tell you that their treatment is the solution to all your problems.       This is often because they specialize in the niche, they are the authority in their field but often have very little visibility and knowledge on other methods and therapies options and possibilities you didn’t explore.

Even the most genuine therapists will not be able to recommend and comment on other treatments as they are not familiar with the details the effectiveness and the suitability of such a treatment.

I have been there and done the research so you don’t have to, I spent days and nights to discover and explore all options to help my boys overcome their difficulties.


My Values & Beliefs

I believe There is always something to do...

Don’t listen to those who tell you that you have to ‘live with this condition’ and there is absolutely nothing you can do to help. I have always seen progress even a little progress is a huge step forward.

There is no 'one size fits all'

Every child is unique and every family is unique. I have worked with many families to discover how different we all are and when it comes to progress those families who took action saw the greatest results. 

There is always hope and every little progress is still a progress

 I have learned a lot from colleagues and therapists who were dedicated and genuine I share my knowledge and experience with you. it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a whole town to raise and progress a child on the autistic spectrum, I have seen it all : easy moderate and more complex cases.  with love support and dedication the sky is the limit.

What To Expect? 

Goal Settings

Coaching is a process not a one off call to “fix”,  I believe in a holistic approach were changes are possible. let me help you set your SMART goals together set a plan of action that you are happy with.What are your biggest challenges? where would you like to see an improvement and how would you like to do so? Goal setting is very personal task and it depends on your life struggles and your expectations. 

Private Coaching

If parenting became a constant power struggle with your kids there is a different way to a calming and loving home.Parenting doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.   If you are feeling overwhelmed and tired  being a parent you need to ask yourself “what can I change” I can  help you as I have the both the knowledge the experience and the tools to help you with your own journey.

Love yourself a little bit more

Caring for a special child can affect your mood drain your resources energy and romance this self care session is all about YOU. I know how hard life can be at times with conflicting demands working around the clock and caring for everyone else but yourself. I have been there and I would never go back. it is essential to invest time and resources  in your self development time for fun and romance too

30m Discovery call

If You’re Ready To Connect With Your Kids And Stop The Struggle. Your parenting journey is unique and the struggles you have are unique as well .If you’ve been suffering like this for a long time, I know you might want to work with me on the issues that really matter. 

Because of this, I offer one-on-one coaching that focuses on you, your family, and the issues that prevent you from developing the relationship that you want to have with your children. 

My coaching is not like any other parenting coaching as it focuses on the typical issues related to children on the autistic spectrum with their specific struggles and behaviors.

I help parents who want to stop the yelling, fighting, arguing, threatening and connect them back to the very basics feelings.

We’ll spend 30 minutes talking about your family’s specific struggles and dynamics and the ways I can  help you make this parenting journey more pleasurable and effective. But Here’s the Catch… This offer is only for those interested in taking action, in other words your drive to make a change has to be greater than your drive  to remain the same.

I’d like you to invite you to jump on a 30-minute phone call with me, free of charge.

Q&A With Dana

My child has sensory challenges can you help?

Yes,I can as sensory processing challenges are common to most children on the autistic spectrum with the right approach and therapies you can achieve amazing results

I’m not sure what to ask as I don’t know what I don’t know

That’s fine, this can be  confusing and in some cases overwhealming especially for new parents.  In our sessions we will discuss your concerns and struggles of your child, as a family and also for the mom who is usually the one that needs a “boost” of energy. I will help you empower and motivate you in this journey.


Why should I listen to your advice?

I’m a qualified teacher an author and a mom of 2 children on the autistic spectrum who left no stone un-turned to find the right treatments, therapies and advice in order to help my sons with Sensory Processing Disorder and achieve the results I could not imagine possible.  what works best for you and your family.  I will be able to provide you with tools and resources you need,

My child has tantrum and meltdowns often- can you help?

Off course, as meltdowns are the result, not the cause. I believe that there is no “Naughty Child” there is a reason for the behavior working together we will get to the route cause of the cause and discover why your child is having meltdowns, discuss strategies to implement to reduce the meltdowns frequency towards a happier and calmer home.

What is happening on our call?

I would like to think of my coaching sessions as  a shortcut to help you in your parenting journey.  I’m here to support you in your struggles, set your goals and implementing the right resources for your child for yourself and for your family.

You get the flexibility to choose what suits you

Some consultants charge up to $500 for just one session for a diagnosis. And then what’s next?
Some therapists want you to have 6 sessions at $150 each. Total £900. But what are you left with?

I am positive that after working with me,
you will have strategies and tools to change the behaviour of your child and create a happy, calm household.

I will give you practical ideas that will really work.
I will support you to build up your child’s emotional health and raise their self-esteem.

Finally you will start looking after your own well-being, so you are in better place to support your child.
And of course, you can email me if you need help at any time, I’m dedicated to help you with your journey.

30 minutes Discovery Call

30 minute FREE Coaching Consultation Session.
This is a 30 minute phone call with me, free of charge. No two families will get the same parenting advice from me, so it’s essential that I have the chance to listen and learn about your family’s specific struggles and dynamics.

By the end of the call, I’ll know exactly what your family needs to become a peaceful household… And YOU’LL know whether or not you’d like to move forward with me as your coach.

* Please make sure to complete the short form before getting on a call

Please email me by 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify me of any changes or cancellations.  I’m committed to providing all parents with exceptional care. When a parent cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another parent from being. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged $50 for the missed appointment.  

The Family Transformation Formula (Saving of $200)

This is a holistic therapy approach that improves behavior, focus and learning and at the same time reduced anger and aggression by treating The ROOT CAUSE  of the problem rather than the symptoms. 

Divided into three sessions with me on Zoom setting up goals and following up on our targets and progress made I will provide you an action plan and tasks to complete and provide feedback and ideas in every step of the way.  Each session includes a follow-up email including any tools talked about. Additional emails relating to topics discussed will be included.

Free email support throughout the program tailored specifically to your needs.

The ‘family transformation’ formula is designed to help children overcome difficulties Related to ADHD, Autism Spectrum and learning difficulties.

This is a 12 week program you will be getting 3 one to one evaluations and follow-up sessions with me, templates to make it easy for you to implement , assessment forms, recommended diets and more…

The program has 4 stages:

1. Sensory integration – move from overwhelmed to focused.                             

*  identify the affected senses and the type of behavior that should be addressed.
*  Building a sensory diet and activities for your child.

2. Gut health- move from inflammation to elimination
* assessment and individual nutrition suggestion for the child to avoid inflammation.

3. Primitive reflexes -move from unstable and clumsy to synchronized body.
*  You will learn about the main primitive reflexes affecting your child’s progress
* You will learn how to identify the reflexes that didn’t integrate well.
* I will show you the exact exercises I used to integrate primitive reflexes in the most efficient way.

4. Family resilience – move from confused to confident parent.
* How to deal with meltdown effectively.
* Polyvagal theory bottom up and top down behavior to deal with anger.
*  Breathing and meditation strategies and tips.
*  Self- care – finding time for yourself to relax and gain your energy levels up.
*  Family bonding techniques and strategies.


 60 minutes scheduled Call

60 minutes Coaching Consultation Session.
Speak to me about any subject you wish from treatments and therapies to parenting issues you experiance .

This time is yours to discuss anything you with to help you on your journey with your child.

Please email me by 4:00 p.m. on the day prior to your scheduled appointment to notify me of any changes or cancellations.  I’m committed to providing all parents with exceptional care. When a parent cancels without giving enough notice, they prevent another parent from being. If prior notification is not given, you will be charged $25 for the missed appointment.  


I’m Here To Answer Your Questions


Primitive Reflexes...


90% of the children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and other behavioural disorders have them 

Would you like to learn how to spot the signs and help your child integrate them?

Thank you for your interest