Looking for Christmas presents for our kids can be difficult .  I try to look for presents that will be both educational and fun .  The links I put are not affiliate links  , so if you find better deals please let me know !!

For gross motor activity :

Balancing board :  Balancing boards not only improve balanced coordination but also core and strength which helps better reading and writing .






Balancing Stones : Great for improving coordination and balance.






Mini Trampoline     :    







-skipping rope

-Hula Hoops

Ikea swirling chair : https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10407136/

Visual/Spatial games :

Wooden building blocks






Parquetry blocks:

Parquetry blocks are good for visual perception . A collection of geometrical shapes that  can be sorted in as part of a picture or pattern.

Lite Brite : creating art by putting colourful pegs on a template which is battery operated and lights up.  It improves visual detail and hand-eye coordination.

wonderful for fine motor skills , following a pattern etc…





  •  Colouring books
  • Spot it : good for tracking, visual discrimination and figure ground.
  • Bop-It  – good for hand -eye coordination and following instructions .
  • Pix-MIx  – good for visual discrimination and figure ground .
  • Think square
  • Hema beads :
  • Q-Bitz     – visual challenge game


Primitive Reflexes...


90% of the children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and other behavioural disorders have them 

Would you like to learn how to spot the signs and help your child integrate them?

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