Squegg for better hand writing.

Squegg for better hand writing.

Squegg is a lovely device that comes in 2 colors coral  or Mint. It is a squeeze ball that looks like an egg and is connected to  an application on your phone through blue-tooth . 

Once you squeeze it:

  1. It checks your grip strength
  2. Every time you squeeze the data is recorded.

Squegg is both for adults and children .   It can be used as a therapeutic tool or just as a fun activity to strengthen the grip .  Nowadays with a generation of kids who play with ipad, phones and xbox they often lack the grip that is needed for hand writing  .  Grip strength is a representation of our health. 

Children can benefit from it in many ways : hand writing , concentration, focus , music lessons , tennis and  anxiety.

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My Interview with the developers of Squegg


Primitive Reflexes...


90% of the children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, and other behavioural disorders have them 

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